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Gear List

  • Console

    Custom API Legacy AXS Console (New) with Automation (32 Pre’s and EQ’s)

  • Computer

    Apple Mac Pro 6-core (Cylinder)- SSD HD Avid
    Pro Tools 12.6.1 HDX
    Sonnet Echo Express iii thunderbolt PCIe chassis
    ASUS Monitor – Kensington Expert Mouse Samsung 65”
    LCD Monitor
    Thunderbolt Dock

  • I/O

    BURL AUDIO Mothership Interface
    BURL 24 Ch AD
    BURL 40 Ch DA
    Avid HD I/O 16×16

  • Monitoring

    ATC SCM 300 Main Monitors
    ATC SCM 300 Subs
    Near fields – TBD
    Aviom Personal Monitoring System
    Focal Room Monitors

  • Mic Pre’s / EQ’s

    AMS Neve 1073 Pre
    AMS Neve 1073 Pre
    API 212L Pre (32)
    API 205L DI (2)
    API 560 EQ (8)
    API 550B EQ (16)
    API 550A EQ (8)
    SSL 611 EQ
    SSL 611 EQ

  • Compressors / Limiters / Reverb FX

    Tube-Tech CL1-B
    API 2500 St Compressor
    Universal Audio 1176
    API 527 Comp
    API 527 Comp
    Neve 33609 St Comp/Limiter *
    DBX 160 (Vintage) 2ch *
    Custom 1176 (Black) *
    Custom 1176 (Black) *
    Custom 1176 (Blue Stripe) *
    Custom 1176 (Blue Stripe) *

  • Software

    Pro Tools HD 12
    Plug-In Bundles from: Waves, Soundtoys, Slate, Fab-Filter, McDsp, Antares Izotope RX5

  • Other / MISC

    Sound Construction Furniture – PT Roll Around Rack / 4 Tier Rack / Producers Desk Closed Circuit HD Video System
    Equi=tech Balanced Power
    (10) Audio Accessories 64 and 96 pt Patch Bays
    All Mic Lines Canare Quad / Neutrik Gold Connectors Mogami Patch Cables
    APC Sequenced Power Filters Comcast Cable
    * Floating Gear available to All Studios as reserved.
    Studio gear subject to change.

  • Microphones

    Our Mic locker includes Mics from Neumann, Schoeps, Royer, AEA, AKG, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, Avantone, Octava and others. Models available include:
    Neumann M-149
    Neumann U-47 FET
    Neumann U-87
    Neumann KM-184
    Schoeps CM-6 Royer
    R-122 mkii AEA RC-44
    AKG C-414
    Avantone C12
    Sennheiser MD 421 mkii
    Se Electronics Gemini ii
    Audio-Technics AT-4050
    Audio-Technics AT-4033
    Audio-Technics Atm-320
    Audio-Technics AT-2020
    Shure SM 7B
    Shure SM 57 & SM 58
    Blue – Bluebird
    Radial – JDI D/I’s
    Cloud lifter CL-1
    All Microphones available to All Studios – As Reserved.