Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis has created an artistic instinct when approaching new projects. His creative approach is felt through the release of his debut single Natural High and the energy he brings as an entertainer. As a pop driven yet soulful R&B artist, he has been able to capture a dynamic sound with his music. His vibrant vocal approach will make you reminiscent of your most soulful moments while creating a pop ambiance. In his music, you will find emotional and thrilling lyrics that can not only tell stories but will make the mind, body and soul move. Inspired by the soulful origins of his hometown Memphis and the appeal of mass media in the pop culture, Brandon Lewis is well on his way to creating a credible name in the industry.


Address : Made in Memphis Entertainment
400 Union Avenue
Phone : 901.779.2031
Fax : 901.779.2032
Email :
Email :